Friday, July 6, 2012

Macbook Pro Cleaning

I've had my mac for almost 3 years now it served me really really well. I love my mac a lot, and during this time of the year the battery's health have dropped down to 70% and everytime I set my mac on idle I could hear those disastrous sounds of fan coming out from nowhere.

So it's time- time to clean my Macbook Pro!!

Tools you might need- (from Amazon UK)

Screwdrivers (£2.99)

Dust Blower (£3.20)

And ofcourse, your own MBP.. =P

So, first thing you might do is flip your MBP to the backside and use your screwdrivers to open one the screws. Specifically, you might need a Philips 00 screwdriver to unscrew the mac. (Please note that there are some different lengths of screws inside the MBP so you might need to arrange your screws accordingly after you've undone them)

After unscrewing all of the screws. It's time to lift the back cover of the MBP and unveil the dungeon of dust, the lair of ants and spiders-

So I took my can of air blower, gave it a good shake, placed the tip at the end of the can and gave a whiff of air to the surroundings-

SPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF---- the sound of sharp air blowing the dust of from my MBP. (Be sure not to touch any of the internals using your hands!!)

And the results;

A clean, better performing, battery saving, gaming enhanced and dust-free MBP!!!

It is a fact that blowing all the dust away from your laptop makes your laptop to perform better and makes it last longer.

Give your laptop a clean and you'll feel the difference!!

Hope this simple tutorial helps. Hehe. =)


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