Saturday, June 30, 2012

Olympic Torch In Sheffield

Though a bit late, but a few days ago the Olympic torch arrived its way to Sheffield! 

It was the biggest event in Sheffield in June and roads were closed, and there were a sea of people came out to see what's the fuss all about. 

I've never seen an Olympic torch in real life before, so this is my chance to finally see one. After work, I went out to the city centre and took a few photo's albeit a bit restricted as there were sooooo many people around! Here's a few photo's of the event. Enjoy these snaps! (Most of them are candids anyways..=P)

While we were waiting for the Olympic torch to arrive, we had a conversation with a granny standing beside us. She said that she waited like almost 60 years to see the torch infront of her eyes and was very grateful that the Olympics would be held in London.

When the torch arrived, I was a bit disappointed as there only like 3 groups convoy with the torch holder (I was holding a camera with my right hand and recording a video with my handphone with my left when the Olympic torch arrived..haha); in which there were atleast 10 when there were on the way to the city. There were busses, cyclists and a few others, but yeah, we waited at the end of the line so couldn't get any chance to see the other groups moving along with the torch bearer.

Still, I find it very disturbing for the London's Olympic mascot, Wenlock, to be some kind of one eyed creature. 

What say you?


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