Friday, June 8, 2012


Went out shopping with my friends at Sheffield's city centre today. It was raining quite heavily despite the summer season- which really spoiled the mood for holidays but it didn't deter us from to spend some £££££££££££..hahah.

After having a lunch at subway we went to Topman and I spent £25 for a macaroon topman sweater, in which I only paid for £22.50 as they have a 10% student discount available. Gotta love topman for that!

Then another £2.50 spent on a new light green t-shirt from primark. Primark are always known for their cheap and good quality clothes. I think almost half of my wardrobe are from Primark. =P.

Converted some pounds to euro's for my trip to Italy next week- can't wait!! After a hell-blazing; sweat wrenching and stressfully agonizing exam week, I could finally travel and enjoy what the world could offer to each and everyone of us.

Going to visit famous cities like Rome, Florence and Milan! Had to leave out Pisa and Venice though since that would mean us spending more than what we planned for, but I hope that it would be a great trip and an enjoyable, memorable one to cherish.

After my trip to Italy I would be having my job interview, as a University Accomodation Cleaner..Lol. All of my job application got rejected so this is one of my last resort for Summer work. But still, it's good pay though, £7 an hour. Not bad, eh?

What's your summer vacation plan? =P


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