Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let's Play Digimon On Your Android Phone!

Update: I just knew that you can have 4 virtual pets in your android device so if you're alone then you can play on your own via loopback connection! :)

First of all, I would like to thank all my readers as RandomApples have reached 200k pageviews!


Ok so I was pretty bored at home after my usual work scrubbing all the walls and kitchenwares at the university accommodation so I had this app installed to keep me occupied before I yawn myself to death-

It's called, VPET!

Or, as most of know it, Digimon!!

Aku ingat lagi time zaman2 skolah bawak bende alah ni main time rehat, main time lepas kelas and main lepas skolah. Nang popular gila Digimon dolok. My first ever digimon was the first version and it was the yellow coloured version and it was made in Indonesia (Not sure if this is My first ever adult digimon was Greymon and has fought me countless battles and died proud as a warrior. I had lots of Digimon when I was a kid and I just love the natural square ones compared to the Digivice (in which your Digimon is much stronger).

I remember once, and it was during primary 6 where there was a spotcheck and I had to put my digimon inside my underwear since there's no place to hide it. No choice, okay? Haha.

So it's pretty obvious, anyone who played Digimon before should feel at home when they install VPET  on their ANDROID PHONE. I repeat- ANDROID. Bukan Iphone. Bukan Windows. Bukan Nokia 3310. 


Just go to Google Play store and search for VPET and you get to choose which version you want. Currently there's version 1-4.

The best thing about having a Digimon on your phone is that you could battle with your friends anywhere, anytime you like! No more metal scrubbing- just put your phone via bluetooth, wifi or the internet and face off any challengers!

One thing that I dislike about this app is that you couldn't "cheat" your way to the 3rd adult digimon, like Teddymon, Metal Greymon, etc- if you know what I mean.

Apa gik? Jom la battleeeeeee!!!

Skarang ni da tau da nak buat ape time rehat mase kerja..hoho.

And oh, 

You're Welcome.

P:S// Hopefully I'll get Greymon again as my first Digimon..I feel like a child once again!!


Buzz said...

I just found out bout this app yesterday.. lolololol

publicbear89 said...

huhu... so hard to train...

دفئ الشتاء said...

OMG , i wished that i have this game sence there is not tamagochi games in my contry

دفئ الشتاء said...

OMG , i wished that i have this game sence there is not tamagochi games in my contry

Buzz said...

hahaha... my 1st digimon already evolve to sweet zugimon.. (if I not mistaken).. hahaha... so lets battle... hahaha

Buzz said...

Lamak sik nagga digimon..ha ha

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