Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To those friends from afar.

Miss your friends? The teachers?
Miss all the laughters?
Miss all the nites when we hang out?
Miss the time where we could sing with the guitar all day?
The frustrations?
The time you wished you could knocked your friends down with a punch?
The time where we ran away from Cikgu Hanafi during prep hours?

Good ol' times, eh?

"Muaz kene rogol mase kepale masih botak"

Surely its quite boring after college. Its understandable.

So here's some photo recaps to rejoice the days of college. XD. Enjoy!

"Cikgu Hafizi during his birthday..XD"

"Dean of Sheffield coming to KMKN"

"Rindu ngan Juaseh tak?"

"Pisang goreng Kuala Nerang..terbaek arrr"

"Teka krete sape"

"Rindu dengan celoteh2 Sesupak"

"Bas tentera HBR..bas paling bahaya di Kuala Nerang"

"Riadah futsal petang2..wuuu.."

"Tournament2 Rugby"

"Karoake dengan Kuna"

Miss these times! =(


Anonymous said...

uhh..bas hidrogen bromide tuu...

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