Saturday, May 22, 2010

Approached By A GHEY

*Happened somewhere at a place*

Gay: Hey..whats your name..?

Me: Errr..err...*scoffs* you can call me Cing.

Gay: Oh..(placing his hands on my shoulders and starts massaging it). You're from where?

Me: Kuching..somewhere near batu kawa. *Lies*

Gay: Oh..i live birthday is this upcoming 26th..would you like to come over?

Me: thanks..i've got work..(I dont give a damn about ur birthday??)

Gay: Come on..we can makan Babi..(placing his hands on my tummy)

Me: Im Muslim..i dont eat pork..sorry.

Gay: Oh..babi sedap..(giving a thumbs up) you want to mabuk2? Come over to my house this 26th..(rubbing my i feel extremely uncomfortable).

Me: I dont mabuk2..sorry ya..n again, i dont eat pork.(take his hands off from my tummy)

Gay: So thats fine..what about sleeping over at my hostel then? You can sleep in my my bed..we can..

Me: (Okay, too much information). I'll try my best. *Run away as fast as i could*



ohmywtf said...

lol....did u meet him in club ??

Cyren Asteraceya said...

How did this happppppeeeennnn!!!! hahahahah ROFL

syleuphoria said...

No..somewhere around a shopping mall area..>.<". Guess what he said at the last sentence! hahah

Aldrinne Leyva said...

LOL! I'm just wondering about where you were at that time, & why were you two left alone.... LOL

Thumbs up to this blog! :D

kenwooi said...

lol.. really wtf! =P

Anonymous said...

haha..perut bazill is da best! :D

Kelvin said...

OMFG. I will run at the 1st touch if i were u~

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