Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sarawak Has Its Own KFC Drive-Through! XD

Doesnt sound utterly exciting, but hey, we kuchingites would be probably pleased with the addition of the drive-through. (I know Penang, KL, Johor and other countries in Malaysia had alot of fast-food drive-throughs, but being in Sarawak is a different matter).

Situated at somewhere at Jalan Bako, the drive-through is surely a place to visit, since the KFC there is hugely hyped with the best seats KFC has to offer and something a family would be happy to bring their childrens with.

It sure did.

"The big KFC banner"

"The entrance to the drive-through. Still using manual labour though. No radio's. XD"

"The pick-up station. Delivery is fast and efficient. Sarawak Boleh."

"Playgrounds for kids. Wont be long though. I'd expect this playground to survive for 3months"

"The interior designs. The chairs and tables are nicely set up"

"For the young lovers"

"And WIFI!"

The ambient atmosphere surely did the job. Love the feeling when I was inside the restaurant. Clean. Alot of staffs and the cashier did a fast job. Ordered myself a snake plate and got it pretty darn oily for my order.

Urgh..thats one part i dont like about fast foods restaurant.

Well, in conclusion, the new KFC Drive-Through is surely one to visit and experience. Try it out now. Its opened 24-hours. XD.

"Its finger lickin Good, eh?"


kenwooi said...

never seen any kfc drive thru around my place before =P

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