Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Midnight Snack

Ever been hungry at midnight?
Thinking of mcdonalds? KFC? Or even Burger King?
Too expensive for your pocket?
RM10 for a set of meal with a probability that 50% it would satisfies you?
Is it worth it?

If NO is your answer..then meet, STREET STALL BURGERS.

To be specific,
"Eddy Burger at Penang"

Eddy Burger is just a typical burger street stall. One that you can find everywhere around the streets or at a city. We're hungry so we ordered 3 special burgers at Eddy's.

"Your typical burget street stall"

Surprisingly, 3 special burgers only costs you RM13.50.
That's RM4.50 each.
Big Mac costs you RM10. WTF.
You guys might be asking..what could you get from a special burger?

"The patty is nicely cooked and warped with an egg omelet"

Not just that;

"They also put in an extra beef or lamb patty, just for you! XD"

Apart from that, the burgers are also added with some hotdogs and a slice of cheese and some vegetables to give that extra "ooooummph". Plus, you can also marinate your patty with a special blackpepper sauce if you want too.

"Totally worth the RM4.50 spent"

At the end of the day,

"One satisfied customer indeed"


kenwooi said...

oh my ramly burger! i miss that..
always have that back in uni =)

Bazil said...


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