Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Penang & Bukit Merah Story.

Penang is such a fun place to hang out, with food stalls everywhere, u can never get hungry.
Yesterday, I ate,

1. 4 types of Pizza in Pizza hut. (The bill was fucking expensive, RM120!)
2. Penang Char Keow Tiaw
3. Cucur Udang at Gurney Plaza Hawker Street.
4. Dinner at Azpa's that includes ikan keli, sup daging and alot of desserts.
5. Supper at Jubek's.

'I cant imagine if i stay here for more than a week"

Iso, on the other hand, wanted to buy a couple watch for him and her girlfriend.
Teennagers usually buy teddy bears for their couples.
Memang macam abah2.

Other than stuffing my belly with foods, me, Izhan, Ije n Aspek went to Queensbay watching "Nightmare At Elm Street"

"Weird movie with weird characters. But, it packs with alot of good stuffs. I'd give it a 3.8/5"

P:S//Not for the faint hearted. :)

Today, a pack of Fist UK students went to Bukit Merah for a splash.
The journey took us approximately one hour from Jubek's house. (Rumah Jubek besarrrr..macam rumah datuk2)

"The tickets were quite expensive, RM25 for an adult, exclusive of foods and pelampong's"

The slides were nice and the rides were fun too; especially the Wet Balloon.But the fun was greatly reduced by the fact that it was almost 40 degree's hot. Our feet was barbecued.

"Friendly & Horny Faces of Fist Uk's~"

In the end, it was such a fun weekend, except for the fact that it was extremely hot at Bukit Merah. Wished that we had more time to stay, but maybe next time.

If Muaz went to Bukit Merah with us, maybe he could only pay RM10 for his ticket.



Anonymous said...

the power of no fengewrrr.. haha, roomate ko sendiri kutuk ko :p

Chubby said...

No fengewrr rockkkkkkkkkkssss

Anonymous said...

best gler ah...wish that im among u guys...:p

Anonymous said...

i want to sleep wit horny lady

Anonymous said...


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