Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do you spend your holidays?

Okay, so we're officially out from Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang.
Some of our friends are having their semester breaks too.

So, do you guys have plans of what are you guys going to do this holiday?
If u dont, then, Random-Apples would like to share with u guys some suggestions.

1. Work

1 month of holiday is very lengthy indeed, probably your thinking of enjoying urself with friends, watching movies or enjoying urself at the beaches. But hey, one thing; do you have money? If u dont, then dont bother even thinking about these!

2. Games Galore

Is playing games worth the holiday time you needed? Might be. But playing games 24-hours a day is a no brainer. Your a dumbass if you play games 24-hours a day. Playing games too much could ruin your life. Why spend 24-hours of holiday on a screen rather than spending time with your friends??

3. Sports?

Playing sports is fun. But without friends, its a different agenda. This holiday promises to be a great fun thing regarding sports if you guys wanna have fun and have a lil' good ol times together again with your old pals. Gear you boots/shoes/socks up. Its time to play.

4. Movie's, anyone?

Its summer time at europe. ( I think). So expect some good movies to come out. Robin Hood, Nightmare at Elm's street, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Ip Man2, Iron Man 2, all the man out there, just to name a few.

5. The World Cup.

I dont think i should write too much about this. Makan bola. Tidur Bola. Hidup Bola.
You get the idea.

So, whats your plan for the holidays?


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