Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robin Hood Movie Review

Watched another movie at Queensbay today; Robin Hood.
"The movie sounds gay"

Thought that this movie was lame, but actually its entertaining! :D.

Berlatar belakangkan UK for the past 100 years, the movie focused on England trying to conquer back their land for the French.

Robin hood was a low class archer, fighting in an army for England. After the king died, he and his friends wanted to go back to England, hoping for a fortune. But fate was in their hands when Robin Hood and his friends caught up with the French soldiers during an ambush..and that was when the adventure begins.

My favorite part was when Robin ended up staying in Nottingham..the scene was full of mysteries and excitement..especially when Robin Hood tried to stalk Marion changing clothes.

Here's a spoiler the movie, Robin Hood;

This movie is a must watch for everyone, i'd give it



kenwooi said...

i wanna watch robin hood soon! =)

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