Sunday, May 23, 2010

IP MAN 2 With Kenny Sia!

You got that right! The title says it! 8D

Today, watched IP MAN 2 at MBO with my cousin after such a long day at work. Feeling exhausted, maybe i should treat myself by watching some action kung-fu packed IP MAN.

I'd give it;


The movie turned out pretty well..lots of kung-pow here and kung-pow that. Just love the boxing match between Master Hung/IP and Twister! Gotta see that.
But..before i entered the cinema..i kinda noticed someone familiar..i think i saw him before..guess who?


I knew I saw him his blog!
Kenny was kinda blur-blur when i started a conservation with him.

Me: Hey, Kenny.

Kenny: *Blur-Blur* Err..

Me: (Straight forward)..Im a reader of your blog. Mind if I take some pictures with you?

Kenny: Yeah..sure. *Smiles*.

Kenny is such a funny person..liked it when I saw his blur-blur face. Extremely funny. And another thing i noticed was I saw him brought a bag of black plastic.

Condoms, probably? Llololol.

Just kidding, anyways, you guys would probably wanted to know what did Kenny did in the cinema. Well, frankly speaking;

He sat at a row where nobody sits.
He sits alone.
After the commercial, he sat alone at the back. (Black plastics???).
And watched the movie.

Being a stalker, I never felt this excited to see him..haha..ofcourse..his blog is awesome. He attracts readers with his awesomeness.

The last time i saw Kenny was..



jfook said...

You can go to his Level Up Fitness Centre all the time to see him. Haha.

J said...

back seat, black plastic..hmm.....

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