Thursday, May 13, 2010


Can you smell the fresh airrrrrrr?

Ahhhhhhhhhh...!!!! (Sniffs..sniff)
The fresh air of freedom..!

"Singing the song of merdekaaaaa"

So today, we officially are out from KMKN, a place like no other. (Seriously, its the only place where you could get thrown with a horlick basi).

So anyways, finished our final paper, Physics. Glad that the spots were spot on. The day that we've been waiting for has finally arrive. What a day to remember. :D.

  • No more hambats.
  • No more preps.
  • No more roll calls.
  • No more charlie.
  • No more juaseh.

Our juniors, we wish you well. Foundation aint easy as you think it is.

And a sidenote,

"Teka jari siapa??"


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