Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TDP UK Dinner

A year has passed and not many could've imagine how fast time flies. Everyone was looking forward to the end of this semester and i'm sure everyone, insyaAllah, will go to our respective UK universities after this.

Though we were taken as one batch during college and then separated to our respective universities according to our courses, but, meeting everyone back at the dinner was something that truly gives that kind of special moment- a memory.

We took a lot of pictures, and here's some of the best bits that i'd like to share.

I'll miss you guys, thats for sure.

*Content Warning- Lots of pictures! 

Fuck. That's a lot of pictures to be uploaded..took me more than an hour..-.-.

Anyways, it was such a fun-filled day that night. Sad that we had to go earlier though. The food was superb, especially the lamb chop (Cepat gile habisss!!!!) and congratulations to Marinah, Hazeem and Michelle for the best student award!

Here, I would like to thank my lecturers, who gave their all to teach us during our stay at UniKL and their support and dedication. Not forgetting to our sponsors too, MARA, for giving us the opportunity to study overseas!

Ahhh..those were the days..

P:S// See you guys at BTN!!


K.A.S. said...

aku x merasa pon daging kambing tu wei..terlupa plak ade daging kambing..

michelle said...

ak pun xsempat..mse nk ambik tu dh tinggal tulang je..haha

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