Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Klipsch S4 Review: Bang In My Ears

I care about my music.

So far i've invested a lot for my music listening equipment, and recently i've added the Klipsch S4 into that list. It costs much more than my Sennheiser, and the price paid was totally worth it (RM330), with the sounds are totally rich and splendid.

The Klipsch S4 was produced during the 2009's and though they are a lot of reviews regarding this earphone, but I think I wanted to write a review of it on my own- and this earphone was regarded one of the best by CNET.

Unboxing the Klipsch S4 gave me no surprises however, with the earphones, ear tips, manuals and the metal casing all inside. I wished that Klipsch could provide a proper casing instead of the metal case though, because its quite cumbersome to put the earphones inside case . (A zipper case or bag would be nice)

So. The earphones are made of high quality plastic and I didn't particularly like it. (I have bad taste against plastics) and the cables are much more durable, compared to my Sennheisers. Overall the build quality of the Klipsch is "okay", and there's something missing too- the eartip cleaner.

I think the newer production Klipsch S4 doesnt include an eartip cleaner. Oh well.

When I insert the Klipsch inside my ears, it was truly a pleasure. Its totally comfortable! After a prolonged use- I didn't experience much fatigue and I could listen to my music much much longer. 

The sound quality? Totally awesome! With proper noise isolation, a high bit-rate and frequency music file gave me such bliss of heavenly music listening. I think you guys have to try it yourself to test how good these cans sound! I think listening Maroon 5 with the Klipsch using my ipods were like listening them live in concert!

Okay- I think that's a bit too exaggerative, haha. But still, the sound quality is very, very good.

Additionally, I do find the Klipsch S4 very stylish- something streetwise peeps should consider.

As a verdict, I would say the Klipsch S4 is one of the best pairs of headphones i've owned so far. There're a lot more quality headphones out there and its not cheap- they cost thousands and the Klipsch S4, fits my wallet pretty well. 

Build Quality: 3/5
Features: 3.5/5
Ease Of Use: 5/5
Looks: 4.5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5
Overall: 4.2/5

FYI, Klipsch is one of the leading companies at US in producing high quality speakers and headphones- founded by Paul Klipsch, the hi-fi perfectionist.


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