Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kuching- Lamak dah sik nangar.

I never felt this dull when i'm in Kuching.

Yesterday I went to the Spring, all alone and it doesn't really feel the same walking without friends.

Most of my friends are still studying and having some camps; i've been itching to meet them and it's been a while since i've talk in Sarawakian language. I've accidently talked in peninsular dialect to the cashier when I bought a book at MPH.

"Kak, buku ni satu ea...saye nak bayar pakai voucher.."

Where it should've been-

"Kak, buku tok sigek..kmk mok bayar pakei voucher.."

It's been a while, Kuching.

It's been a while.


K.A.S. said...

da bpe lame da ko x balik kampung halaman??

Random-Apples said...

adela dlm bbrape bulan..:p

LadyKath said...

Lol.. That's what happen if we stayed too long in Semenanjung. I usually need time to adjust back to Sarawak mode after coming back from Semenanjung, and vice versa. :)

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