Sunday, May 15, 2011

BerGaMbAr2 Di RailWaY tAmPiN


Gedikkkknyerrr tulisan title tuuuu...warghhh..geli.

Okay so, our exams are finished and i'll be going back this Tuesday. Still a design project left to finish but what the heck-I've always wanted to take pictures at the railway and seeing those "orang baru kawen" bergambar2 kat railway buat hati kecilku ini nak jugak. :p Cheeewah.


35mm f1.8 DX. (And played around with minor effects)

Best kannnnnnnnnnn...hehehe~
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! :p (Gotta improve my editing skills during this holidays- my editing sucks..=.=")

P:S// Asal la mata yot asyik tutup? 


Firiz said...

rasa Geng Keretapi LOMO 501! byk juga kontena kat area stesen Tampin eh!

fakrul zaman said...

skit mate la zil.haha

syaEYRA said...

nice pic

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