Friday, May 20, 2011

New Pair Of Shoes

I bought a new pair of shoes recently and I absolutely love them!

I'm not a big fan of shoes- nor a shoe collector, but I find that its necessary for me to buy another pair of shoes, for jog and for streetwear.

So now I have 5 pairs of shoes in total (I know some of you guys have 10. Or more). And each one of them serves a different purpose. (Not forgetting different brands too! hehe)

For those who's curious, here's some of the pictures of the shoes.

What do guys think? Canteeeekkkk kannnn? hehehehe. I like that fact that it doesn't really looks like a running shoe- its like, a sneakers, which functions as a running shoe! :p

After taking some snapshots of this lovely pair, I went out jogging with em' and I was surprised how comfortable they were! Every step when I jog was like stepping on a cushion surface. Too bad I couldn't jog that long tho, my ankle was ruining the day- have to improve my fitness level when i'm over with btn.

Jogging- a new passion!


Anonymous said...

wow...trying to find a new pair of shoe right now...hehe

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