Friday, May 6, 2011

A Dream, Accomplished.

I still couldn't find a reason why I was selected to be one of the winners for the Perdana Leadership Foundation Essay Competition. I think I wrote a lot of crap and bullshit. Seriously. A lot of them. Especially that bullshit part.

Oh yeah.

Anyways, last Tuesday was the prize giving ceremony which was held at the Putrajaya and the man himself, our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was there to give away the prizes and boy, was I nervous.

Before he gave away the prizes he did gave a little pep talk regarding "Leaders, and Followers" which is really really good. The thing that I find interesting was that all the speakers before this gave their speeches using a manuscript but Tun Dr. Mahathir did not.

A few key phrases that I would quote from the man himself;

"A lot of people ask me how to become a good leader, but not even one of them ask me how to become a good follower"

"A good leader, have educated and well behaved followers as well as know how distinguish either good nor bad"

It was a good speech. I enjoyed listening it and it was my first time listening to Tun speaks infront of his audiance. I was awed. And there comes the prize giving ceremony which he held out his hand and spoke-


I shook his hands, albeit looking fragile with all those wrinkles but to be honest, I was honored to be standing beside one of the great leaders of Malaysia.

Although I didn't get that elusive tea table talk with him (only the grand and first prize winners were given the opportunity) but still I did took a picture with him afterwards and in my little mind spoke:


And I know it wasn't.

P:S// Still another week of exams to go. DAMN EB WAS SOOO HARD!!!!


Nava.K said...

This is a great achievement, definately cannot be for rubbish you work that this award was given.

Keep up and hope more achievement comes your way.

kucing said... dreaming

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Izyan said...

Do check the PLF Facebook page for more photos. We've just uploaded a bunch of photos from the prizegiving ceremony

Buzz said...

hi...may i know how long did u wait for the announcement of this result ? thanks

Buzz said...

Hiya seven, I think it took me around several months for the announcement..(roughly 5-7 months if im not mistaken)

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