Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photo Sharing: 21

Before posting anything serious, lets start with a photo sharing session, shall we? :p

This was a photo of a car, which is a pontiac mustang- taken at Putrajaya. The car is very big..and if im not mistaken the length of the car is almost similar as a limousine!

The interiors were all very well made and retro-like and i'm sure the owner must've been proud to drive this car around town..i mean,

Mcm kreta bapak ayam..dalam game GTA San Andreas..right? Aahahahahaha!


Arrul said...

muscle cars? yeah i loike it! :D

come visit my blog n follow if u dont mind aye friend? :)

jon kendy said...

Some nice pics I have just found here. I like all of this. Keep it up for more response. Thanks :)

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