Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nottingham Malaysian Games 2012

It's been a month since i've last updated! I'm soooo sorry guys! I've been busy lately- 3rd year in my course and there's been tons of assignments, projects, essays and what nots. I really wanted to post a few stuffs back in Malaysia but i've got no internet connection and i've been using my digi prepaid internet which is shitty as fuck. To open my facebook account it takes me around 15mins to load.

So yeah, i'll talk about that later, but now, let's talk about one of the biggest Malaysian event in the UK- the Nottingham Malaysian Games 2012!

It's my second time to enjoy such an event. This year, two new games (if im not mistaken) were added- squash and snooker and around  5000 Malaysian students from 50 universities attended; Malaysians everywhere!

I didn't participate in any of the games as i've always enjoyed watching the games instead of taking part. Probably i'll try to join in the games in my final year. Me and my friends took an early bus at 5.30am and reached Nottingham at 7.30am. There were lots of Malaysians and after meeting some old friends, we went to the Malaysian food festival- located at Portland Building and Great Hall of Nottingham's university.

One thing i've noticed at the food festival is that the food is pretty expensive! I was shocked to see that the prices of Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kerabu, etc to be £4.50 and the price of one cucuk of satay costs you a pound. Now that's inflation. I've also noticed that the apam balik now costs you £3. 50 pence more compared to last year. Everything is getting expensive now and I've been told that all of the foods catered in the festival is provided by restaurants instead of students- hence the price hike. Nevertheless I bought Nasi Kerabu with mutton and the apam balik, which was delicious. Dah datang jauh rugi lah tak beli. Haha.

Right, before I forget, during the food festival, there were sooooo many people inside the building! In fact, me and my friends had to queue in such a long line and had to brush shoulder to shoulder with other people to get around. Plus, I remembered a guy shouting that you could only buy a maximum of 2 bungkus of nasi lemak..haha.

After munching some delicious foods we went to watch some of the games and as always, football is the place where spectators shout, scream and yell to show utter support for their teams. I have to say that i've been impressed by the transportation provided for the event and the volunteers are very helpful indeed. The main event of the games was the football finals between Sheffield and Manchester university, where both of the teams have some distinct past and the match didn't disappoint- everyone enjoyed it and the goal celebrations were very cheeky indeed. Congratulations to Sheffield in defending the gold medal and trophy- battering Manchester 4-0. A worthy mention to the Belfast team as well, for securing 4th as this was their first involvement in the games. Birmingham uni scored a beauty for the 3rd goal.

Here's some of the blurry pics during the entire games- enjoy!

Thanks Nottingham University for making this day a blast! Kudo's for everyone! See you guys in Nott's game 2013!


The end for a lovely weekend. Reality strikes tomorrow with a class at 9am. Have a great week ahead! :)


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