Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kinaara- The Best Halal Buffet In Sheffield!

I love food. Everyone loves food! After sending my design project group report on Tuesday, me and my friends celebrated the occasion with eating out at possibly one of the best Halal buffet in Sheffield- Kinaara~!

It costs £11.50 a person to enjoy the scrumptious buffet meal in which there are 3 selective cuisines to choose from, Indian, Chinese and Thai. I'm a sucker when it comes to Indian foods..I absolutely love them! Especially that mutton curry and beef embroiled in thick soy sauce...ahhh..delicious!

There are lots of food being offered such as chicken lemon grass, fried chicken wings, tom yam, curry, spring rolls, kebabs, dhal, roti, naan's, pilau/briyani rice, etc. For dessert, there's a choice of fruit cocktails and ice cream. Unfortunately you have to pay for your drinks and we ordered unlimited supplies of tap water for free..haha.

I ate 3 big meals which consists of mutton, beef, chicken and more meat and 2 small cups of icecream. I was totally bloated and it was totally money well spent! If you guys are thinking of breaking fast, this would be a good place to eat as they also have a small room where you could pray.

If you're in Sheffield, come and visit Kinaara and try all of their mouth watering meals. Just take the 52 bus (on going to WoodHouse) and stop exactly at Kinaara (just take a look at your left and be aware of your location). If you're at the city centre, it'll probably take around 15mins to reach there.

Bring your friends along and enjoy an indulging, belly quenching and tongue challenging food quest at Kinaara! I really recommend you guys trying the beef with mushroom soy's a must!

P:S//And oh, try not to order mango lassi or any yoghurt drinks while at Kinaara, it would make you full much faster. Lols.



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