Monday, March 22, 2010

Life In College

School is over. Received your SPM result.
Wow, 10 A+?! Nobody gives a shit.
After approximately 15years studying, you arrive in college.
Thinking the name "college", it makes you wonder..
  • Will i get to mingle around with hot chicks?
  • Will i get the freedom that i really wanted?
  • Will i get the shits out of college?
Well, some college, their answer is "yes", while some, are "not".

"Think again, before going to college"

Stuck here at KMKN(Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang), does reflects the term "college" in my mind.
Why, you might ask?

"Is this is what you call as a lecture hall!!! >:("

"UiTM's hall is much more spacious, FFS"

Well, for instance,

  • You will never get the freedom that you want!
  • You will never get to mingle around with hot chicks. (You will get expelled for that).
  • You cant study in your room during weekdays at night. (A boner, fuck that).
  • You can only play sports at 5.30pm UNTIL 6.30p.m. (An hour of madness).
  • Besides, staying at KMKN, meaning that you need approximately 1 hour to go the nearest city! (Where you could atleast cuci your eyes and mind you, going to the city is once in two weeks! WTF???)
  • And, you will get splashed with "horlick basi" on your birthday. (Complementary, ofcourse)

"Getting caught late by the lecturers/wardens would mean running around the tennis court"

But still, i'm loving the life here in KMKN.


Faris said...

The warden's pic, i meant the right one looks very alike as the one who created this blog.
Fucking teeth..

Anonymous said...

true2....i agree with faris...

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