Monday, March 29, 2010

The Deadly Disease

Ever heard of a rove beetle?

Then..what about.."charlie"?

If yes..then this motherfucker really deserves the award of the "most fucking bug" in the whole world.

"Congratulations. Mr.Charlie."

Why, you might ask?

For instance,
Mr. Charlie has a type of venom, which is more dangerous than cobra's venom..which Mr.Charlie could spray on humans using his stinger.
WTF, right?

"You are a demon!"

Mr.Charlie is a type of beetle, (although it looks like an ant) and usually lives in school fields and areas.

The most common affected people is people from boarding school..and the effects of Charlie's venom is not what you wanna mess with.

"Mr. Charlie's Victim and the scars from the effects of Charlie's venom"

Beware Of Charlie!


Faris said...

now this is the charlie that i want em to bite me..

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