Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Yes, i've been neglecting my blog recently due to unforeseen circumstances like laziness and travelling, but yeah, it's been a while since i've babbled.

That's a picture from the top of Alcazaba, which is edited using Aperture for effects and colour tones. I went to Andalusia, Spain for winter travelling recently, and if I have the time, I'll blog about it.  I love the weather there in Spain, its hot and toasty, especially in Malaga. It's been an overwhelming experience, and made my mind wonder off away from work and studies.

During the month of December i've been through a lot of stuffs; like submitting my group project report, assignments and what nots. I've been leading a miserable life- probably because I miss home a lot. It's been such a relief to hear that my mom is finally "cured" from cancer. Just take a lot of rest mom, you need it.

Being away from home is tough, not seeing your loved ones. I admit that at home I don't really feel the presence of family- as most of the time i'll be in my room or away with my friends but now I know how hard it is knowing that you're here strapped off from love and warmth. No matter what, family always come first in everything that we do. I can't wait to finish my studies and get a decent job to serve my family as they used to care and love me as a child.

Waiting for the Summer time to come. I miss home and family.


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